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Dr. Gloria Spitalny, Ed.D, is a Boston-based relationship therapist and saving relationship expert.  Dr. Gloria helps committed couples, married couples and pre-marital couples improve, save their marriages. Dr. Gloria is one of the only psychologists in the New England to dedicate her entire practice to solving relationship problems. To keep her clients safe and healthy, Dr. Gloria has successfully counseled clients via teleconferencing platform ZOOM.

Dr. Gloria has a unique background. She developed her expertise while serving on the psychology department faculty at Harvard Medical School.  She worked with clients while training relationship therapists in the human sexuality & relationship program as a attending psychologist at McLean Hospital. She counseled couples and was hired as lead expert counsel to Mass Middlesex County Judges on marriage, family, divorce and custody proceedings. She is confident that she can help you turn your relationship around. Easiest way to get started is to call or text her at 617-306-4955 to see if you are a good candidate for Boston Couples Therapy. You will feel much better that you are taking the first steps towards saving your relationship.
relationship therapy
Dr Gloria's goal is to save, rescue and improve relationships. Having consulted to judges on thousands of divorce cases, Dr. Gloria knows first-hand the trauma that a divorce or ending a relationship brings, both psychologically and financially. By working with you, Dr. Gloria can help you avoid divorce. To this end, she is passionate and driven to help you reverse negative trends. "I am committed to fully understanding your situation, solving your issues and increasing your relationship happiness. I challenge you to not give up on your partner prematurely. If you both are open change, relationships can be turned around relatively quickly." Easiest way to get started is to call or text her directly at 617-306-4955 to see if you are a good candidate for Boston Couples Therapy.
relationship therapy
(1) To provide quality, comprehensive, specialty counseling for committed couples who want to work through the process of solving relationship problems; (2) To achieve my clients goals, rebuild loving relationships and provide a learning and memorable experience.
relationship therapy
The problems that you are experiencing in your relationships are, in fact, common. All too often, too many couples prematurely end their relationships without thinking ahead. Without realizing that they will be in the same exact situation in the future with another partner. Without realizing the turmoil and trauma that ending a relationship can cause. Making a long-term committed relationship successful is hard work, but both individuals in the relationship can save each other from real financial and psychological destruction and more pain and stress in the future by confronting issues and learning new skills and approaches now.

Sometimes, even after counseling, both parties decide that it is in everyones best interest to end the relationship. But for these clients, they understand their patterns and are in a better position to avoid common mistakes. Now they can avoid repeating their failures and are set up for success in their next relationship.

Dr. Gloria is here to coach you and your partner. And for the first time in history, couples are saving relationships virtually by working with Dr. Gloria via Zoom. Dr. Gloria has taught best practices in all areas of relationships including communication skills, resolving differences, language usage, showing love, sexual intimacy, regaining trust, resolving infidelity, fair fighting, negotiations and keeping agreements. The results will help you improve your relationship and help you live a happier, more intimate and fulfilled life. The therapy is goal oriented, it begins with your objectives and ends when we have achieved them.
Dr. Gloria's practice is devoted to help you achieve your goals, improve, save and rekindle your relationship. Therapy is focused; interactive, and structured to solve the issues that are causing your relationship turmoil. Cognitive (thoughts driving behavior) affective (emotions driving behavior) and behavioral (action driving behavior) approaches are integrated seemlessly. Together, the team obtains success by using Dr. Gloria proprietary system. The approach is based on my Dr. Gloria's research, consulting with other experts in the field and working to constantly re-establish best practices with thousands of clients helping them improve their relationships. Some of the more common issues that I deal with include:

Set expectations and relationship goals
Learn new
communication skills and approaches
Rebuild and improve trust after infidelity
Manage relationship issues that include anger, depression or stress
Improve sexual, romance and intimacy issues
Change the way you argue and resolve differences
Learn to forgive your partner for past mistakes
Navigate life transitions including marriage, step parenting, new kids, jobs, illness, relationships with in-laws
Fulfill emotional needs and intimacy
Manage situations involving long-distance or frequent executive travel

Resolve conflicts involving financial resources, time management, different parenting styles

Success stories
The most critical factors for successful counseling are for the therapist to be able to accurately understand your feelings, concerns and needs, have an accepting nonjudgmental attitude, and have the experience to solve the relationship issues. The development of a positive, trusting relationship with the therapist is also critical. Other essential factors required are that each person is motivated to change.


Recent client text:
We saw you for three months last year and the counseling was very helpful. I think Stan and I need to return for a refresh.

Recent client email:
I am writing to THANK YOU Dr. Gloria, for all your expertise and passionate help with our marital issues and unique situation. Our relationship now is better than it has ever been. And we are both very happy to be together. I could never thank you enough for helping us with "us."

Recent client email:
"My husband and I really owe our renewed intimate relationship and new addition to you. Without your support, there would be no date nights, no long walks, no bubble baths, no flowers and no future. Now we are excited to announce that we are pregnant. Can you believe it?! Thank you for everything!"

Recent client email:
"I had to write to you to thank you. We have just had a fabulous couple of months and I know it is because of you. Your direct approach and focus on new skills and strategy seemed to yank us out of a downward spiral. I must admit I had little hope when we first went to you, and by our last visit I felt transformed. Last weekend my husband gave me a surprise 50th birthday party that totally surprised me and totally touched me as well. I feel an aliveness in our marriage that is quite remarkable. Thank you - from my overflowing grateful heart."

Recent client email:
...and I have been talking and we feel like we've worked out the big issues between us to our satisfaction, so we won't be needing your help anymore. It's probably not a coincidence that I asked her to marry me: we had a big talk a while back and I started seeing things differently, and proposed a few days later. Thanks for your help!

Recent client email:
"Just wanted to share with you that in July, we are having an addition to our family. I wanted to thank you for that because our child will be arriving because of you."

Recent client quote:

"We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and went to Aruba for the week. Now we are looking forward to moving into our new home and getting ready for the baby. We couldn't be happier and we owe it all to you."

Recent client email
"Dr. Gloria, thank you for helping us save our relationship. It means everything to me."

Recent client email:

As much as I am certain that my relationship is over, for the sake of my children, I am willing to try counseling and I have heard wonderful things about you.

CV / Resume:
Faculty Member, Psychology Department Harvard Medical School
Attending Psychologist McLean Hospital,
Human Sexuality Program
Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Counseling Psychology, Cum Laude Boston University, Boston, MA
Masters (M.Ed.) in Human Development Tufts University, Medford, MA
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Cum Laude University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Adjunct Faculty Member Cambridge College
Field Faculty Member Antioch University
Board Certified Licensed Psychologist Board of Registration of Psychologists, Massachusetts
Board Certified Health Service Provider Board of Registration of Psychologists, Massachusetts
Certified Specialist Relationships, Communication, Sex Therapy, Pre-Marital Issues, Marriage, Cognitive-behavioral
Expert witness/Consultant to Judges on divorce, custody and visitation, Guardian ad Liten Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Middlesex Probate Court
Arbitrator New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Post Doctoral Fellowship & Residentcy The Life Involvement Institute
Managing Partner Back Bay Counseling LLP; Backbaycounseling.com
Relationship Expert Featured on Fox News TV, Boston Globe, CBS, ESPN and Time Magazine
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