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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my pre-marital counseling. I applaud you for considering pre-marital counseling. With a divorce rate of over 50%, certain states have begun to require pre-marriage counseling in order to secure a marriage license. Pre-marriage therapy is very common these days and it is 100% normal.

First off, are you engaged or planning on getting married? Do you have the "feeling" of unease, anxiety and know that certain areas of the relationship
need to be greatly improved before "tying the knot?" Whether you are fighting too much, or haven’t talked about your expectations, all couples need some guidance on how to develop an amazing and successful "forever" "married" relationship. Unfortunately, there is no formal education to learn how this can be achieved. With Zoom we can partner with each other in the comfort and safety of your living room.

Most new relationships fall into common negative patterns. What if you could learn from others couple's painful experiences and learn how to prevent such issues? Dr Gloria Spitalny, Ed.D., licensed psychologist, has the experience, best practices and approach to help you start your married life on the "right path."  Dr. Gloria focuses exclusively on couples, and has done so for much of her career.  If you are pre-marriage, engaged or on the verge of "walking down the aisle," consider working with Dr. Gloria.

Marriage Expert
Dr. Gloria Spitalny, Ed.D, is a licensed relationship psychologist and expert on improving committed relationships. Dr. Gloria has helped couples improve premarital relationships and solve pre-marriage issues for over two decades in Greater Boston, Massachusetts and New England. If you want to speak with someone who has helped thousands of couples solve the problems you now face in your relationship, you can reach Dr. Gloria Spitalny, Ed.D by text or live at 617-306-4955.

Dr. Gloria has a unique background. She developed her skill set and expertise while serving on the psychology department faculty at Harvard Medical School.  She trained relationship therapists in the human sexuality & relationship program as a attending psychologist at McLean Hospital. She was hand picked and selected by state judicial system to counsel thousands of couples and served as expert counsel directly to Massachusetts Judges on marriage, divorce and custody proceedings. She feels absolutely honored and privileged to work with you and help your achieve your long-term relationship and life goals.

(1) To provide quality, comprehensive, specialty counseling for Pre-Marital, engaged couples who want to improve their relationship. (2) To achieve the couple’s goals and enhance their potential for long-term success.

(1) Work directly with Dr. Gloria, the "practice owner" and expert
(2) In the care of a "licensed relationship" expert with thousands of success stories
(3) An expert whose practice focuses solely on relationships
(4) Learn "up to date" pre-marital "best practices" help you avoid common pitfalls

(5) Goal oriented short-term therapy focused on results
(6) Weekend and evening hours
(7) Zoom virtual appointments keeps you and your family safe
(8) Success at home assignments to reinforce counseling
(9) Dr. Gloria goes above and beyond for your success and includes after-hour availability by email, text and phone to support your goals

Unfortunately no formal education exists for marriages. Each person in the relationship has certain expectations for how the relationship will develop following the marriage. Many couples do not communicate their expectations.

Poor communication habits can lead to unmet expectations and negative feelings.  Differences between the sexes need to be explained by a neutral, objective, professional with experience. You will learn better habits, assess weak areas and strengthen your the intimacy and connection of the bond.  Together as a team, you and your partner will learn important skills, talk about the future, change some behaviors, share your perspective and discuss and make improvement to your relationship.

The focus of pre-marriage therapy is to move the couple into the, "OK we are ready to get married" stage.

Dr Gloria offers you in a confidential, structured, safe environment an opportunity to learn how you specifically can improve your relationship.  While there are common problems that all couples experience, you are also unique.  

By learning the tools in a caring nurturing environment, we can begin to take steps to confront issues, patterns and approaches that may become more problematic during the course of the marriage. And by learning new skills and modifying old habits, together as a team, we can prepare you both to take your relationship to the next level.

This is decidedly short-term goal oriented pre-marital therapy. In a series of from 8 to 10 sessions, you will gain the toolbox and skill set needed to improve communications, resolve differences and increase intimacy and romance.  You will learn how to meet your shared expectations and have the married relationship and experience that you both seek.

Yes, making a long-term relationship successful is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be so hard if you have Dr. Gloria's guidance. And you can do much to prevent a "failed relationship" if you learn important skills. Dr Gloria is a caring and down-to-earth professional who is here to help you meet your objectives.

Learn more about Dr. Gloria's Unique background or consult with her today.

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